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Introduction to “The World of María's objects”

Sitting down to share a meal with family or friends is one of the greatest pleasures of my life.

Talking with other people in search of complicity, enjoying a good meal, feeling fulfilled, allowing time to pass between each course, forgetting everything for a moment.

But for all this to happen, the conditions must be set. There must be preparation, someone to cook and someone to set the table.

When it comes to setting the table, I remember my mother calling us to set the table, shouting A PONER LA MESA! This meant that the food was ready, and we had to quickly put all the necessary items in place before it got cold: tablecloth on the round table, 6 plates, forks, knives, and spoons, if necessary, glasses, wine glasses, napkin holders, and the water carafe.

All the objects came from somewhere or in a particular context. The tablecloth was made by mom with an old cotton that her great-aunt who made summer dresses had bought one day. The cutlery had been given as a wedding gift by a friend. The napkin holder was bought from a craftsman in the north of Argentina. The colored plates were bought at the supermarket, made of melamine so they would not break, and the glasses were all different because we always broke them.

These objects were part of our daily life and today they are part of my childhood imaginary.

That's why today, with “Les Tables Nomades”, I like to search for these kinds of forgotten objects that once belonged in a home or family.

Going to the flea market to find the dinnerware that was once tucked away in a closet and then decided to be used only for a special occasion. The chandelier that, along with so many candles, illuminated more than one long night of philosophical conversations.

Imagining the history of objects fascinates me and always makes me think that, in some way, the history of objects unites us and unites us more if we meet them around a table.

I open this space to talk with you about the magic of objects that bring us to the table. To share with you the treasures I have found and to hear about the objects that have always been part of your life and the new ones you have incorporated and love.


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