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We design experiences, not just centerpieces.

This is our daily drive to create table settings that tell Your story or your brand's message. Each table is unique and composed of mismatched objects, patterns, and even a touch of humor.

As creatives at heart, our tables are always cheerful, colorful, welcoming, and original. 

We love spending time sourcing vintage objects that inspire us. That little detail or object gives a room or table a unique yet personal character.

Second-hand objects are an eco-responsible alternative to buying new decoration products and are on top of that so special. We want to inspire a new generation of curious people, through our table stories, special collections, colors, and fabrics. We use for each setup, objects full of stories that have had 1000 lives, that will make you travel, smile, or intrigue you. 




Les Tables Nomades creates unique settings that your guests will remember for a long time!

 It is not enough to nourish the bellies: sharing a meal is also about feeding souls!


Original & Innovative.

Everything we create is designed for you. We build, style, order and create with innovation and precision.


Supporting local.

We have a long list of amazing local suppliers that we work closely with.


Leave it all to us.

We will arrange the entire creative process for you.


Social Purpose.

People matter and everyone should be able to experience love and kindness. We work for more than just ourselves; we have a social purpose at the core of our business.


Sustainably minded.

We put sustainability at the front of all we do. We love working with hidden vintage gems and do so as much as possible. We try to recycle and be diligent with everything we can.


Improve always.

Creation is limitless and we will always be dreaming of more. We are always seeking to improve and challenge our minds to create what has not been created before. To achieve beauty that inspires and awakens.

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